What is Ecoblanket?:

What is Ecoblanket?



Ecoblanket® is a trademarked product exclusive to Groundworks that is composed of (a) compost made to strict specifications and (b) Microblend® that is an all natural tackifier containing no artificial or synthetic ingredients.  Microblend® is manufactured under license in Queensland by a subsidiary of Groundworks. 

Ecoblanket® replaces the natural layer of humus that already protects our undisturbed soils.  Injected with Microblend®, the Ecoblanket® has increased structural integrity along with the ability to aid in the degradation of hydrocarbons that are found on many constructions sites.  Ecoblanket® is easily installed in a one step, low impact pneumatic process that can conform to just about any terrain without any further unnecessary removal or destabilisation/compaction of existing substrates.

In certified erosion control testing facilities Ecoblanket® has shown to be over 99% effective in reducing soil loss as an erosion control measure. These test results show that Ecoblanket® compares with the highest rating best management practices in the industry for erosion control in similar conditions.

As an erosion control measure, Ecoblanket® completely covers the denuded soil with a matrix of natural organic material active with beneficial microbes.  Through pneumatic application the Ecoblanket® conforms to the varied contours of the surface providing an interlocking blanket with the soil beneath, holding particulates in place.

For establishment of permanent vegetation, whether it be grasses, wildflowers or native plants, the Ecoblanket® can be injected with seed during the application process.  The Ecoblanket® material combined with Microblend® makes an ideal media for seed germination while provided immediate erosion control.


   Natives growing in Ecoblanket   Cover Crop Germinating


Ecoblanket® uses no plastic materials in its construction.  The fibrous matrix it forms with the help of the bonding capabilites of Microblend® give the necessary structure needed without non-biodegradable reinforcements or netting.  Made with recycled organics, the compost blend can be used as an earth friendly soil amendment at the completion of a project or left as a permanent stabilising organic layer to work into the topsoil over time.

Ecoblanket® also establishes a buffer to absorb rainfall energy, slows velocity of water run off allowing natural percolation of rain water into soil, improves existing soil structure and biology and can be applied to remote and difficult to reach areas.


  Tugun Bypass before treatment   Tugun Bypass after treatement






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