Carbon Sequestration:

Carbon Sequestration



The industrialised world is spewing millions of tonnes of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere every year in the name of progress.  Emission levels have reached a point where world leaders have been forced to initiate the Kyoto Protocol to counteract our poor stewardship of the global environment.  In December 2007, Australia added it's name to the list of participating countries. 


From the focus on worldwide carbon emissions has come much research into methods of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.  As a result, carbon sequestration has been receiving much attention.  Carbon sequestration involves "storing" or "sequestering" carbon dioxide and one of the most efficient carbon sinks is an actively growing forest. 



How do forests sequester carbon dioxide?


All plants photosynthesize so forests are not only removing the carbon dioxide from the air, they are converting it to another form that is beneficial to the environment. 







How do we plant forests?


To date, mass planting methods have been time consuming, labour intensive and therefore costly.  However, Groundworks has a simple solution.  Our trademarked Ecoblanket is highly successful and surprisingly cost effective.  With our specialised machinery we are able to treat up to 5000m2 per day and in conjunction with our finely tuned processes Groundworks can ensure that the site will be sprouting a magnificent crop of natives within months. 




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